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Understanding the end to end service – why it matters

Date: 15-02-2011 15:07 | Author: Cyril Dyer | Category: Agile transformation | Tags: change, management, service, delivery

It’s not obvious from what we do day to day just what it is that makes the customer feel good; it’s never that easy, in the main because we’re so removed from the real customer it’s difficult to know if we’re doing a good job!

In this age of the service delivery more and more is about retaining and cross-selling products and services to your customers.  Having the ability to create value is the challenge that the service now faces.  

For many it’s hard enough just getting through the day, dealing with every little piece of the working process just to keep things going.  And yes it’s important and sometimes even urgent but we should never forget that we all have a part to play in ensuring the end to end process - and therefore service - works.

Why end to end thinking?

1.       Making decisions about what to change; and understanding why we are making the change

2.       What adds value versus what adds cost

3.       Breaking down barriers

4.       Process Owners, understanding the links in the chain

5.       People, knowing your role in the end to end service with the Customer

In every sense improvement of the end to end service, as opposed to individual pieces will add the value which is craved by both the end Customer and the Business.

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Compita Agile Product Update

Date: 09-04-2010 15:52 | Author: compita | Category: Agile transformation | Tags: agile, cmmi, CMM, Compita

We’ve now launched the first offering of our new Agile product suite in our training schedule.  This is the first of 2 workshops intended to bring Agile into the spotlight and answer some of the big questions that usually get left in the corner!

The purpose of the Overview is to bring context and knowledge of what Agile is, what are the benefits, how does it work and how do I know if it works for me.  It’s run as a ½ day seminar and is intended to bring a sense of order to what many see as chaos, and tackles the big question – is this really the silver bullet?!

As a note we also touch on that seemingly complex or should I say prickly (I choose my word carefully) subject of the relationship between the CMMI and Agile which usually sparks debate, but I won’t linger any longer in this blog.  Yes, that’ll be the subject of a later blog.

Here’s the link to the Overview flyer, it’s on the website, – I’m sure it will give you a good sense of what it’s about.

Any comments on the content of our Overview or indeed any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, comment below, telephone +44 (0)1506 472888 or email

The usual reminder, if you’ve not registered for our Newsletter here’s the link.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Compita Agile Team

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