InTranSus is Compita's change management methodology that drives our approach to transformation. With its three phases (Initiate - Transform - Sustain) it provides a proven way to enable clear, effective business and cultural change.

Initiate Transform Sustain

Initiate    Transform    Sustain

When to use InTranSus

InTranSus is a change management methodology that can be applied to a number of change projects including, but not limited to:

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The Process Professional Portfolio

InTranSus, the methodology, is underpinned by the Process Professional Portfolio - Compita's well-established toolkit of supporting tools, templates and methods for process improvement, governance and project management. These suites are brought together with an iterative change process to create an adaptive approach to change management. This adaptive approach can be applied throughout a business to provide the right changes at the right time, where it's needed, making change to your business where it really matters.

Contact us for more information about the suites listed to find out more about the components of the Process Professional toolkit, including methods, training, software, services, templates and exemplars.