InTranSus - Initiate

Solutions to start you on the right track.


The Initiate phase provides the roadmap to Achieve your business goals.
Your goals and vision into realistic plans are captured, with a clear, coherent and holistic vision established for the change program.
An Initiate solution analyzes your organization's process strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities for improvement and establish concrete plans for Achieving your business objectives.

The initiate phase of InTranSus has a number of work packages that can be executed either as individual parts, or brought together as a coherent set of tasks that build the foundation for the change effort.

Selecting the extent of tasks to be executed as part of an Initiation Phase is dependent on the current status of the change effort within the organization. The starting point will be to work with the organization to build an Initiate Plan which will meet the organizational needs.

Change Practices

There are 4 key elements of the Initiate Phase: