Compita provides official TMMi assessment method

Published on 29-11-2012

Compita, in conjunction with the TMMi Foundation, announces the launch of a new, standard assessment method for use with the TMMi model, based on PPA.

Compita has been working with the TMMi Foundation over the past eighteen months to develop a new, standard assessment method for use with the TMMi model.

Based on Compita's established PPA (Process Professional Assessment) method, the new method provides a robust and repeatable way to measure an organisation's maturity level against the TMMi model.

Developed as an adjunct to the CMMI in order to provide a greater depth of insight and advancement for software test professionals, the TMMi model is now becoming an important part of the arsenal for organisations wishing to establish, improve and sustain a strong capability in software testing best practice.

Along with the method, there are two formal workshops which can be taken to enable pracititioners to achieve the qualification of Assessor or Lead Assessor for TMMi. The first of these workshops is being piloted in London at the end of January.

If you are interested in participating in this pilot workshop (for which some of the normal pre-requisite qualifications may be waived, depending on your experience) or if you would just like to find out more about using the TMMi model itself, please call David Miller on 01506 472888 or drop us a line at

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