Our pedigree

Track record

Compita has been helping businesses achieve new levels of performance since 1991.

Process-based change management is the company’s sole focus and area of specialisation.  From pioneering the development of industry recognised best practice standards (e.g. ISO15504), through evolving its own recognised methodologies of process best practice (e.g. InTranSus, PPA), to breaking into new markets for process improvement (e.g. conducting PI assessments in Japan) Compita has helped increase shareholder value for its clients.

Compita brings value through process improvement to the world’s leading organisations including Aviva, Rolls-Royce, Cisco, Mitsubishi, Barclays, Panasonic, Reuters, BT, Marks & Spencer, Citibank, Hitachi, DWP, British Airways, Lincrea, Accenture and Lloyds Banking Group, supplying specialised experience of diverse industries like automotive, retail, banking & finance, defence, systems integration, telecoms and retail.

Our team of experienced professionals will support your business transformation and process improvement efforts, using our InTranSus methodology to drive successful change management.

Compita operates in partnership with its client organisations, building integrated teams, drawing together professional experience to maximise success. This approach weds Compita’s independence and expertise in change management to each client’s robust knowledge of its systems, customer stakeholders and business strategies.

Bringing value to its clients’ businesses is the foundation of Compita’s success. Through a combination of improving operational efficiency/productivity/agility and helping create new avenues for business growth, Compita has helped its clients achieve remarkable results, including: